Social Responsibility

We believe in adopting responsible business practices that create positive change in society. We wish to contribute to the community in which we operate in a meaningful and positive way. As such, our vision is to implement corporate responsibility actions that are sustainable in the long-term and has a positive impact on our firm and the community.

Commitment and Programs

We are committed to the entrepreneurship which contributes to the sustainability of the communities in which we operate. Our programs are supported at a global, regional, and local level.

By combining our talent, ideas, and knowledge, our programs help us make the world a better place.


Early Warning Europe provides free, impartial and confidential counselling to companies in distress.

This is a European Network of experts, authorities, associations and chambers of commerce for improving framework conditions for SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe. This work will be further strengthened by the development of an innovative, data-driven method to identifying companies in distress. The ambition is to present a Next Generation monitoring and early warning method based on machine learning and big data to identify companies that are in risk of a bankruptcy.

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The Mainalon Social Cooperative Enterprise was created for the preservation and promotion of Menalon Trail, the first qualified trail (Leading Quality Trail) in Greece and the tenth in Europe by European Ramplers Association ERA. The Menalon Trail is a 75 km long trail, located in Arcadia, a very famous area of ​​central Peloponnese. The existence of trail is dating since ancient times and it is very famous for its natural beauty and its very important archaeological and cultural sites.

The company’s target  is the constant and uninterrupted operation of the trail and the attraction of specific groups of visitors to the region in order to develop hiking tourism, nature tourism and sports activities (trekking, rafting, caving) and generally the gastronomic and cultural wealth of the region.

Among the many awards received recently, is the Platinum prize for the “Specialty Tourism” category and the Silver prize for the “Tourism Development / Contribution to the Local/National Economy” category in Greek Tourism Awards 2020.

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The Association for Sustainable Development, whose members are citizens of the Municipal Unit (MU) of Vytina, concerned about the viability of their local community, has launched a process for sustainable design in the region. With this design, we have adopted a vision of the future. We will evaluate the current environmental, economic, and local conditions, and identify strategies to achieve the vision that will determine what sustainability means to this unique part of Greece. And all this is with the help and participation of the citizens. Understanding what sustainability means in the MU of Vytina will allow the strategies and actions to be created and recorded, leading to sustainable and managed growth, while at the same time, ensuring protection of ecological assets of value to the community.

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Social Responsibility Charter

We collect information and performance data in order to select corporate responsibility actions as part of an enchanced Corporate Responsibility strategy during our fiscal years.

We share the progress against the commitments we introduced as part of our enchanced Corporate Responsibility strategy.

We explore the importance of addressing social and environmental challenges in a connected manner, share our challenges and impacts, and highlight the next steps on our Corporate Responsibility journey.